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    Legal action against 7 traders who sold eggs at higher prices

    7 traders have been arrested for selling eggs at higher prices.

    It was during a search conducted by the Gampaha District Investigation Unit of the Consumer Service Authority regarding the sale of eggs at higher prices.

    A gazette has been issued to be effective from January 20, 2023, setting a maximum price for the sale of eggs.

    Gampaha District Investigation Unit Head Mr. Ranjith Weerawardena said that legal action was taken against the traders during the search conducted on the 21st in the areas of Kiribathgoda, Kelaniya, Makola and Pattiya Junction for selling eggs at prices between Rs. 50 and Rs. 60 in spite of the gazette.

    These raids were carried out by a team including Gampaha Investigation Chief Mr. Ranjith Weerawardena on the instructions of Mr. Shantha Niriella, Chairman of the Consumer Service Authority, and Gampaha District Governor Mr. Saman Darshana Padikorala.

    The arrested traders have been released on bond subject to appearing before the Mahara Magistrate Court on a date to be fixed.

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    1. Please come to the Raddolugama Housing Scheme, almost all traders and shops are selling eggs at 63/= and 60/=
      All goods here are very high cost even vegetables. This should be checked urgently.

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