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    Harry accuses William of hitting him because of Meghan

    Britain’s Prince Harry said in his autobiography that he was assaulted by his brother Prince William and it had a severe impact on his brotherly bonds.

    The British newspaper, which was able to obtain an excerpt of Prince Harry’s soon-to-be-published autobiography, disclosed the assault in a special article.

    According to the newspaper, Prince Harry has mentioned that this conflict of opinion arose based on his marriage to Meghan, an American actress.

    “He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor,” Prince Harry said in his biography, according to the Guardian newspaper.

    It is also revealed that Prince William has introduced Meghan as a very difficult and evil character.

    The biography explains at length the conflicts between William and Harry, in which it is also mentioned that Prince William insulted Harry by calling him names, the Guardian newspaper revealed.

    With Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan, various conflicts of opinion arose in the British royal family, where some people tried to compare Meghan to Princess Diana.

    However, Meghan and Harry said they were stepping down from royal duties and settled in the United States.

    There, Harry complained about not getting the protection that members of the royal family receive, and the British general public responded by saying that Meghan and Harry should not be maintained with British public taxes if they leave the duties of the royal family.

    But with the passing away of the Queen, Meghan and Harry were more talked about, and the British media continued to report on how Meghan had broken the British royal tradition.

    Meanwhile, some British media had reported that King Charles is trying to keep Harry and Meghan away from the British royal family as much as possible and that the king has expressed his unwillingness to bring them together in any royal event.

    She later joined a documentary special created by Netflix. There Meghan severely criticized the royal family and ridiculed the way the females of the royal family showed respect to the Queen, and the British people strongly protested against it.

    Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Harry said that he wanted to bring his father and brother back into his life. However, a review has said that he will not be able to win the respect of the royal family again with such accusations.

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