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    Method to control unwanted expenditure on election campaigns

    The Electoral Commission states that the bill to amend the election campaign expenses, which includes new rules to control the expenses incurred by candidates and political parties in order to gain preferences in an election, has been submitted for the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.

    Chairman of the Election Commission, Mr. Nimal G. Punchihewa said that the bill will be published in the gazette as soon as it gets the approval of the Council of Ministers.

    He said that new laws will be introduced to control the excessive spending of candidates or political parties and independent groups for the sake of getting preferences in conducting a free and fair election.

    According to the comments and suggestions of the Election Commission, the drafting department prepared the draft and it has been approved by the Attorney General and the Parliamentary Special Selection Committee appointed for the reform of election laws, said Mr. Nimal G. Punchihewa.

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