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    The minister requests a report on the new prices of essential items

    Trade Minister Naleen Fernando has instructed the Consumer Service Authority to provide a report on the new prices of chicken, eggs, iron, tires, cement, bread, and buns for sale in the market next week.

    He also mentioned that essential items such as dhal, rice, and sugar, whose wholesale prices have been reduced, can be purchased through Sathosa at the same price from next week.

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    1. Allows to pettah imports as usual without restriction ministers and chairman of particular ministey directly asking something if not put the restrictions to imports.
      Mr. Naleen fernando i show your presentation very nice! no need reports from Authority use your power and responsibility call all authority communicates with them find out issues and go ahead with that very simple but your hands should be clear otherwise god bless to Sri Lanka. I remember before around 15 years i am always participate exporters forums with some businesses issues our company.
      Once again restart forums discuss with involvement ministries, exporters, main imports and investors our self can growth.
      Sri Lanka Sathosa which one which year run perfectly analysis particular details and go ahead don’t take Mr. Bandula and Mr. Jonistan period inhuman wise empty the organisation.
      God bless to rebuild Sri Lanka.

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