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    Demand for electricity decreased

    The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka says that the electricity demand in Sri Lanka has decreased by 25% in the last two months.

    Its chairman Mr. Janaka Ratnayake mentioned that the electricity demand has decreased by about 7% due to the electricity cut.

    And the remaining 15% has decreased due to the prevailing temperature.

    Mr. Janaka Ratnayake mentioned that due to the increase in electricity bill rates by 75% from today, a further reduction in electricity consumption can be expected.

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    1. Chaiman Mr. Janaka Rathnayake include all committee members please monitor all governments enterprises very good analysis Regard electricity.
      19000 Litres of fuel smuggled to Ampara whatever says peoples are still in the queues. once we maintain the anticorreptions Without IMF loan we can develop the country.
      Getting fuel loan from India collected funfs to be used to fuel imports. huge amount therf how we can develop.

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