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    Kimbula Alla Pradeep was shot in Jinthupitiya

    A person involved in organized crimes named Kimbula Alla Pradeep was shot and run away by two men on a motorcycle at Heenappuhami junction in Jinthupitiya, Colombo this afternoon.

    At that time, Pradeep’s wife was also standing nearby. She told the police that the underworld criminal named Blumendal Pathum shot her husband.

    Pradeep received serious injuries from this shooting and was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital. Hospital information said that he was shot in the abdomen.

    A senior police officer said that Mr. Pradeep has been charged with murder and drug trafficking.

    The police suspect that a dispute between the two groups of Pukudukanna and Kudu Selvi regarding drug trafficking may have led to this shooting. Pukudikanna is in a prison in India. He is conducting crimes using a mobile phone. The police have revealed that he was also responsible for the murder that took place on June 6th at Motara Aluthpara.

    Ms. Kudu Selvi has been killed by the followers of Pukudikanna and the police information says that Kudu Selvi’s group is now being led by her children.

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