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    European Union remodel the iPhones – No more Lightning cables

    The charging ports used for Apple iPhones sold in the European Union regions has had to be changed.

    Due to the decision to use only USB-C type charging ports in the EU region, Apple has had to change their charging port.

    The EU has decided to facilitate consumers by establishing a common charging pot system in their region. The European Union has made several attempts over the past decade to establish such a common charging system.

    From 2024, Apple will have to change their charging ports, and this common charging port system will be implemented for other mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices as well.

    Apple Corp. has previously expressed some dissatisfaction with the decision and there they said this decision could hamper the emergence of new technological innovations. Apple is currently using the Lightning cable for the iPhone and will have to change it completely in the future.

    Here, it is also reported that this rule may be beneficial for Android phones which are already using USB-C type charging ports.

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