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    Airtel 3G mobile network disabled

    The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has given permission to deactivate the 3G Airtel mobile network by June 24.

    TRCSL also issued a notice to inform the public about this.

    It is as follows.

    Public Notice

    Notification to the Subscribers of Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Airtel) Network who use only 2G & 3G enabled Mobile Phones

    The public is hereby informed that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka has granted its permission to the Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Airtel) to shut down their 3G mobile network by 24.06.2022. As a result of the sunset of the 3G network, 3G connectivity of Airtel subscribers who use only 2G & 3G enabled mobile phones would be disconnected automatically after the scheduled date of network shut down.

    The 3G shutdown is primarily intended to utilize the existing frequencies to deploy 4G services that offer better speed and capacity. A timeline of 15 months has been given to Airtel to avoid service disruptions that might experience at the end of the transition period due to the shutdown of their 3G network.   Airtel is obliged to absorb at least 90% of its 3G subscriber base into their 4G network during the transition phase subject to the following conditions.

    1. Conduct public awareness campaigns to encourage Airtel subscribers to migrate to 4G network ahead of 3G shutdown

    2. Take every endeavor to provide 4G handsets for its 3G subscribers at the subsidized rate on an installment basis

    3. Drive the transition by offering incentives such as a series of different promotions, an impressive tariff package for the first 06 months

    4. Notify its 3G subscribers by sending SMS, at regular intervals, to change their handsets with 4G enable ones before the given timeline

    If you are an Airtel subscriber who is still using only 2G & 3G enabled phone, you may contact Airtel over the short code 780 immediately to obtain the 4G connectivity together with a new mobile phone under concessionary terms. Please note that you will only be able to enjoy this concession until 01.06. 2022.

    If you have encountered any difficulty in obtaining a 4G mobile phone during said time limit, you may lodge a complaint to this Commission.

    Director General
    Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
    No. 276, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08,

    Email     : [email protected]
    Fax        : 011 2689341
    Phone    : 011 2689345 

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