Home Breaking Installation of meter for tuk-tuks will begin next week

    Installation of meter for tuk-tuks will begin next week

    The Department of Measurement Units and Standards Services states that the installation of meters for rental three-wheelers will commence from the 1st of February.

    Accordingly, it will be mandatory for every three-wheeler to have a meter installed in the future, said the Director of the Measurement Unit, Standards Services Department, S. N. Akuranthilaka.

    He also stated that the metering program for rental three-wheelers is being carried out at the level of the Divisional Secretariats.

    He also said that the three-wheelers fitted with meters will be affixed with a sticker for easy identification of the people.

    Meanwhile, when installing units of meters, it should be considered whether they are standardized units and should be registered with the Department of Standardized Measurement Units and Standards Services, said Mr. Akuranthilaka.

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